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Sea trout flies

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Fishing for sea trout in the Baltic Sea is an extremely popular fishing method among German, Swedish and, above all, Danish fly fishermen.

It is in Denmark that many classic sea trout fly patterns have been created, which work well all over the coast. And not only in the Baltic Sea, but also on the coasts of Norway and other countries lying on the ocean.

Sea trout flies - shrimps and other classics

In your fly box it is always worth having fishing flies imitating shrimps, some reliable classics such as Gray Frede, Polar Magnus, Vaskebjorn or Kobberbassen.

In addition to natural flies, you need to have patterns in bright colors in the box, such sea trout flies are the most effective in the cold season.

When to catch sea trout?

Scandinavian fly anglers catch sea trout all year round, from spring, summer, autumn and winter. You can also try all year round, with the summer being clearly the weakest. The full season starts in March and it is during this period that many fly fishermen look for sea trout. An interesting destination for a trip is, for example, the Swedish island of Gotland, the Danish island of Bornholm and countless corners of the coast of these two Scandinavian countries.

Unfortunately, the Polish coast is not favorable for this species, as sea trout prefer rockier coasts. However, it also occurs here.

In places with a more diverse bottom, where there are stones and vegetation, sea trout simply have more food there. These are various types of larvae (good to have Kobberbassen fly)and smaller fish. Other places that are always worth visiting are around rivers or cliffs.

Sea trout with sbirulino? Sea trout flies for spinning

In addition to the fly fishing method, there is also spinning, which is also extremely popular in Europe. Spin fishing anglers mainly use spoons or special hardbaits, however, with the help of special sbirulino, light lures can be cast very far. When sea trout do not respond to classic spinning lures, the water is calm, clean and overexposed, it is worth trying sbirulino.

Sea trout flies, which can be led slowly with the help of a float, are very well suited for this method.