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Hareline Dubbin - fly tying materials

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Hareline Dubbin - finest fly tying materials available since 1981

Hareline manufactures and distributes finest fly tying materials available in today's. Quality fly tying tools and materials for tying fishing flies, which cooperates with fly fishing shops around the world.
Hareline was founded in 1981 by Bob Borden (owned by Bill Keough since 2016) and has grown from a very small home-based business to an 18,000 square foot facility. The first products offered by Hareline Dubbin were rabbit dubbings, or more precisely, they were 12 colors. Now Hareline fly tying products this is range of thousands premium items like feathers, hairs, foams, synthetics, body materials, threads, dubbings (you must check the Ice Dub). All in good price.
The offer of this valued fly tying brand, which I have been using personally since 2012, includes very interesting products with which you can tie great patterns for trout, grayling, saltwater species or salmon.
Hareline Dubbing provides to the fly shops everything a fly fishing enthusiast needs when tying their own nymphs, dry and wet flies, streamers and other lures.