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Streamer flies

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Streamers - effective fishing flies for trout and more

Streamer patterns are fishing flies that are designed to imitate fry. Streamers are the favorite fly pattern for trout and other predators such as perch, which are increasingly caught by fly fishermen.

Our streamer fly patterns are tied on high-quality Hanak fly hooks and using the best natural and synthetic materials.

We offer streamer patterns in natural colors and with colorful accents. The latter fishing streamers with red, orange and any other hot accents work well in many situations, such as fly fishing in dirty water.


Types of streamer flies

Streamer flies can be divided into two main groups that are most often used in whole Europe. First of all, these are zonker streamer flies, in these patterns the characteristic element is the back of the fly, which is made of a strip of hair (rabbit, muskrat, squirrel), the so-called zonker fly. The most popular streamer patterns have natural colors in shades of gray, but it is worth having flies in other colors in the box, such as black, brown, white.

The second subcategory are bugger flies - these lures are tied on feathers and very often have an additional hackle on the body. Black buggers imitate leeches and are flies that you must have in your streamer fly box. These are very good flies for commercial fisheries with trout and rivers too.

Streamer is an irreplaceable fly fishing flies for large predators like big trout, zander and perch. I caught most of my 50+ trout while streamer fly fishing.