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Profiled Beetle Foams for tying beetle fly imitations. Never before has it been so easy to tie these effective dry flies, and with their help everyone can tie the perfect pattern for trout, chub, ides and other species.
The beetle foams have thin tips on both sides, enabling initial attachment to the hook and tying at the eye and tying a small head.
In the profiled part that divides the foam into two parts, attach the legs with rubber bands.
Beetle Foams are available in various sizes and colors, incl. in a two-color version that can be used from both the black and the color side. It all depends on the effect we want to have, e.g. the orange color at the top and we have a super visible imitation of a beetle.
Length of the foam body without tips:
Large – approx. 15 mm
Medium – approx. 12 mm