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Perch jig lures

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The perch is considered to be an ubiquitous predator, and some treat it with neglect. right? I assure you that big perch are extremely combative fish that can provide angling emotions. The problem of the striped predator is its slow weight gain, which means that most of the fish present in our medal waters are old fish and, unfortunately, have a lot of - negative - associations with anglers. It should be added that a small perch is an inquisitive and aggressive fish, it is successfully caught with all kinds of soft plastic lures, spinners, small spoons or crankbaits. Such a perch usually strikes our spinning fishing lure aggressively, almost furiously, creating the impression of a huge fish. Unfortunately, large animals have a slightly different menu, they are definitely more cautious and cunning. Very often, taking a medal perch can be mistaken for a subtle catch or simply not noticed at all.

Spinning perch jig for lure fishing - advantages

Hence the popularity of jigging lures for ultra light spinning, which are presented in a subtle way near the bottom and are very popular among handsome striped fish. Such a perch can nibble at the bait in such a delicate way that noticing "irregularities" in the behavior of the bait requires a lot of practice. The bite is usually equally gentle, because the fish does not strike with impetus, and often swims after our lure and, opening the gill covers, pulls the lure along with the water, which is manifested by a slight bending of the tip. The right reaction can result in a handsome specimen, which will be a trophy worthy of angling's attention. And this is where perch jig lures for jigging come in handy. It is a perfect imitation of insects, crustaceans or fish that are a permanent element of the menu. Their finesse and soft construction allow to effectively lull the vigilance of this predator, and the possibility of delicate presentation of the perch bait favors the registration of delicate bites.

The offer includes perch jigs imitating not only larvae, leeches, but also crayfish, which are periodically a delicacy for striped fish. Such a perch fishing lures can be effective even during lazy, even anemic guiding along the bottom. However, when we see that perches react to slightly more aggressive lures, we can successfully spice up such a presentation and liven it up from time to time by using a tip.

Contrary to popular opinion, jig fishing equipment cannot be accidental. As I mentioned earlier - a large perch is not necessarily an aggressive fish, so the right rod should be sensitive, but at the same time have a reserve of power that will enable us to land a strong and combative fish even in difficult conditions - a clearing, a clump of dense underwater vegetation. As if that wasn't enough, the right rod cannot have the action of a telegraph pole, and the reel absolutely must have a precise, and most importantly - precisely set, reliable drag, for several reasons. The first is... the fragile mouth of such a perch. A sweeping, almost zander-like hooking with a rig with a braided line, a concrete drag and an extremely stiff rod will most likely result in a tearing of the mouth. Another reason is the prowess of the perch. This fish does not give up, it is strong, and its flagship weapon is the jerking of its mouth, which we feel as a characteristic "telegraph". The easiest way to lose a hunchback is in the final phase of the fight, when the prey (or maybe it didn't come?) finds the strength to make one more departure. A rod that does not absorb shocks, a brake that does not return the line and a beautiful specimen escapes from under our feet.