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Bullhead jig lures

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Bullhead jigs are an imitation of bottom fish whose natural habitats are stony rivers and streams. These are very effective jigs for trout, but he will not disdain such imitation and other species.

These are great trout jigs for ultra light spinning.

These spinning jig lures use materials that make the bullhead jig bait work with every pull or movement of the water.

The hook in the bullhead is set with the point up, thanks to this the lure catches fewer snags, and the shape of the head causes that in many cases it slips over the bottom of the fishery. The hook used is very sharp - Made in Japan.

The weight of the bullhead lure is about 3.5 g (dry), after wetting the weight increases slightly.

Patterns of bullhead jig lures are made of natural materials and their colors may slightly differ from those presented in the picture.