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Handmade fishing jig lures

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Jigs are effective fishing lures that have taken spinning modern lure fishing to a new level. They are a great alternative to small soft plastic lures. Thanks to the unique, extremely subtle work, they allow for a sophisticated presentation, which until now was only achievable for fly fishermen!

Jig lures for trout or perch have proven their effectiveness many times during ultra-light spinning. We know this from customer reports from all over Europe.

Smaller versions of jig lures, the so-called micro jigs have also proven to be very effective when catching whitefish, from the popular rudd, roach and crucian carp!

Sizes of Jig lures:

The presented lures are made on excellent jig heads equipped with world-renowned Japanese hooks by Owner or barbless Hanak hooks.

No. 6 - weights: from 2 grams to 6 grams (Owner hook on a standard strong wire),

No. 8 - weights: from 1 gram to 3 grams (Owner hook on a thin wire)

No. 12 - from 0.6 gram to 1 gram - the smallest patterns dedicated to roach, rudd and other whitefish (Hanak barbless hooks).

Quality jigs for lure fishing!

The jigs were made on jig heads with branded Japanese OWNER hooks valued by anglers from all over the world. In addition to high-quality hooks, materials from the world's best specialist brands have been used, including feathers from genetic breeding from the USA. Most models have heads painted with special paints.

Jigs special order :

It is possible to order a jigs for trout, perch or other fish made on special request. The minimum order is 3 pieces of one size.

Feel free to contact me to determine its appearance, type, size, weight, as well as other details of the order.

What fishing gear for jigging lures?

We must remember that these spinning lures have earned their name, so choosing the right equipment is not easy. The most difficult issue will be the rod. These must be both sophisticated and capable of casting a very light lure, but at the same time solid. It often happens that we land a large fish in a technically difficult place. The sensitivity of such a rod is also important.

We recommend relatively short rods, from 1.70 to 2.30 m. Casting weight oscillating between 2-5g. The action should depend on the angler's preferences. It is worth mentioning that medium-fast rods with a parabolic deflection can boast excellent sensitivity and a small percentage of fish drops.

The task of the reel will be to balance such a light rod, but I advise against buying the smallest almost ice reels with small spools, they do not provide impressive casting performance. Therefore, a perfect compromise will be a light, modern construction in size 2000. The brake force of such a machine should reach 3-5kg, and the mechanism itself should be smooth and allow for perfect adjustment.

If you want to catch perch or other smaller species, you should buy a monofilament line or fluorocarbon with a diameter of about 0.12mm or the thinnest possible braid (0.04-0.06mm), but when searching for river trout or chub, it is worth choosing a slightly stronger line . A good solution will be a spinning line in the range of 0.14-0.16mm or a braided line 0.08-0.10mm.

In times of low fish activity, it is worth using a sophisticated leader made of fluorocarbon, preferably tied directly to the main line with a knot. Such a set will be complemented by the smallest possible spinning pins.