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Flies for spinning rods

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Spinning flies for cheburashka are realistic-looking small imitations of small fish, which are very good for catching various species of predators. Spinning lures were made on hooks with a large eye, which are designed for Cheburashka weights. Depending on the weight of the Cheburashka used, we can fish these small and light lures sufficiently deep and cast them far enough with a spinning gear.

Thanks to the use of specialized hooks, this lure works most effectively. The large eye gives a lot of slack and freedom to the lure, which reacts to every movement of the rig or the water.

Perch, trout, chub and ide are the species that respond best to these fishing flies. By-catch can be pike, for which we also have large pike flies (they can also be used with cheburashka).

Fly bodies for the spin fishing method nicely imitate fish scales, which reflect light well and provoke cautious individuals to bite.