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Hanak Competition Fly Hooks

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Hanak Competition fly tying hooks

Hanak hooks are some of the best barbless fly hooks available in fly fishing stores. Their barbless design is perfect for tying  fishing flies for fly fishing competitions. The hooks of this extremely popular Czech brand founded by two Hanak brothers, who still own the brand. These top-class fly tying materials are used by the best fly fishing competitors in the world with whom this brand cooperates. It is used by the Czech fly fishing team (for years considered the best in the world), the French, English, Italians, Polish, the US team and most teams taking part in fly fishing competitions.

The unique shape of the barbless hook provides the angler with a safe and effective landing of the fish, which is why they are very popular all over the world.

The offer includes models for all types of flies, from dry and wet flies, through nymphs and streamers. Models for stillwater flies and one of the most famous and appreciated jig models, type 400 and 450 are also available in our website.