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Flash and Synthetic Hairs

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Flashes or other synthetic hairs are basic fly tying materials used by many fly tiers. These two groups of tying materials for the production of fishing flies differ in the basic feature, i.e. the ability to reflect light.

Flash, as the name suggests, flashes, i.e. it reflects a lot of light, causing sparks in the tied pattern of the fly. Here, one of the most popular materials are Angel Hair (super thin shiny fibers), flashabou and of course Krystal Flash.

Synthetic hair, on the other hand, is a synthetic fly tying material that does not have this feature. However, it is thanks to them that we can make even the largest patterns of flies for pike or other sea predators. Here the choice is interesting and especially when we are looking for something for large flies, it is worth taking a moment to find something suitable.

Ready-made mixtures of hair and shiny flashes are super interesting, in many cases it is enough to use such material, glue the eyes and we have a nice and effective fly pattern ready for various predatory fish.

Some time ago, these synthetic hairs were underestimated, but in recent years, more and more fly fishermen use them and appreciate their advantages.

The most important advantages of these synthetic flash and synthetic hairs are the super durability of the synthetic hair, realistic appearance in the water thanks to the glittering flashes. In addition, in the case of large flies, they have a low weight and cast them well.


What elements of flies can be tied of flash and synthetic hairs ?

  • from synthetic hair and mixtures of materials, we can tie super effective whole patterns of streamer flies (small and the largest ones) and saltwater flies.
  • flash material (depending on its thickness) can be used as an addition to the streamer's wing or tail to give it a delicate sparkle. From a single fiber (and a stronger material) we will tie a ribbing for a wet fly, a pattern imitating a leech or a streamer fly.
  • from a small bunch of shiny flash with a fine structure (in the style of angel hair) we will tie a shiny tail of a nymph, a wet fly and even a streamer.
  • shiny packages of nymphs are another thing we will make from flash (they greatly increase the effectiveness of many nymph patterns or emerging imitations).
  • from twisted flash fibers or synthetic hairs, we can tie cool bodies of larger fishing flies.