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Jig lures for trout

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Trout is a predatory fish and the presence of small fish in its menu cannot be denied. It is also a territorial fish that has no qualms about attacking its brethren.

Nevertheless, many times when lure fishing for spinning bait, we see eye-catching fish, which - despite the multitude and feeding like in amok - ignore the most effective lamellas, our proven bard baits or soft lures.

Despite its predatory nature, the trout menu includes a whole spectrum of insects. What's more, brown trout will not disdain a land insect that, unfortunately, accidentally found itself in the water. The victims of the noble predator are also red worms, crustaceans, leeches and, of course, fish.

Hence the effectiveness of the fly fishing method during trout hunting and more. Almost all fish feed on insects - from those associated with whitefish (roach, rudd, crucian carp) to chub, ide!

Trout jigs are a kind of introduction of elements of the fly fishing method to a light version of spinning . This generates many options and allows you to expand the arsenal of classic trout fishing lures that will allow you to adapt to the conditions on the fishery. Most modern trout lures are almost fly constructions, equipped with a relatively light spinning load. The secret of success is, of course, imitating insects, fish and other organisms that trout love. Delicate and subtle presentation is also important here.

When you want to catch a trophy brown trout, we recommend jig muddlers, which have been in our offer for years. Our customers from all over Europe use these lures to catch trout 50 cm long and larger.

How to catch trout with lures?

The basic method of fishing with trout lures is classic downstream fishing. In most cases, this technique consists in feeding the bait perpendicular to the current or at an angle of 45 degrees, so that the bait calmly and gently flows to the potential trout canteen. Bites occur both under the sides, near the stones and just before the lure enters the current or after leaving it. Bites are most often decisive and well felt, and the hook itself is not required in most cases, because the trout hooks right away. The more so that the rig for such fishing is really delicate and the hooks are very sharp. This technique is extremely effective when fish feed on and near the surface.

Another trout jig technique is to feed it upstream and gently present it downstream, taking a slack and occasionally "enlivening" this monotonous drift. In this case, the bites are a bit more subtle, due to the slight tension of the rig. The method is extremely effective when trout eat insect larvae that are captured near the bottom and in the depths.

When we are fishing downstream for trout, I encourage you to hold the lure in the depths, the trout jig pushed to the surface by the current, fantastically imitates insects or fish coming to the surface.

Jig lures for Trout Area fisheries and lakes

Jigs is also a good trout fishing lure for the Trout Area fisheries. First of all, rainbow trout in these places are very often very careful, because they have been caught more than once with spinners or soft lures. Jigs are new to them, different colors, work, they gently glisten in the water. Compared to soft lures, they are much more durable, they can be thrown far. Worth having in your box.

Jig lures for trout are also very effective not only in shallow special fisheries, but also in deep alpine lakes where our jigs catch large lake trout.