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What flies for Autumn Sea Trout Fishing?

What flies for Autumn Sea Trout Fishing?

The increasing number of e-mails and phone calls from fly anglers and spinning anglers fishing on the Danish, Swedish, German and Polish coasts was the impulse to write the text below.

In my other blog post, I wrote a few words about winter fly patterns for sea trout on the Baltic coast.
This entry will be about autumn patterns, the colors of which are not as aggressive as is often the case with winter sea trout flies.

Firstly, imitations of sandeel flies, which can be effective in summer and autumn. The base is olive, but other colors can also be very effective on the Baltic coast or ocean coast.

Shrimps in subdued colors like Høtyven or grizzly Pattegrisen are one of those patterns that are worth having in the fly box. Of course, the classic Pattegrisen in Shell Pink is always worth having. Spinning anglers love shrimp patterns, they are simply very effective in various fisheries.

Pattegrisen Grizzly Shrimp fly

Fly fishing for sea trout in the Baltic Sea cannot be complete without the inconspicuous Kobberbassen fly. This pattern has many fans, by the way this bait also catches garfish.

We will end this entry with a classic sea trout fly and that is Frede. The basic version that we should have in the box is gray, while the one for summer and autumn is in a different color, which you can see below.

Best regards and tight line
Krystian Niemy