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Fly tying beads

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Beads for fishing flies

Beads for tying fishing flies are the basic tying material for nymphs and other fly patterns, such as various models of streamer flies or wet flies. The beads, as the name suggests, are used for fly heads, but they can also be used as weights in other places on the fly hook.

Fly tying beads can be divided into several types. First of all, classic light brass beads, i.e. beads made of a light material, i.e. brass. Of course, available in different diameters and colors. Different colors of the heads change the effectiveness of the flies depending on the color of the water or its depth. In addition, fluo colors have an effect on provoking fish to bite.

Another group here are tungsten beads, which in recent years have become very popular among nymph tyiers, but not only. And the most important feature and advantage is their greater weight, because tungsten is over 70% heavier than lead. Modern fly fishing, especially competition fly fishing, cannot do without tungsten beads.

Other fly beads used for larger lures are various types of plastic heads. Their shape imitates the head of a fish and is perfect for streamer flies or saltwater flies too. They have a place for gluing eyes, which additionally increase the effectiveness of the fishing fly. The advantage of plastic streamer heads is their simplicity in use, even the most novice fly tyiers will be able to put them on and fasten them well.

In our fly tying shop you will find many models of fly tying beads, perhaps you can adapt the flies to the conditions on the fishery, and thus catch fish effectively.