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What flies for sea trout fishing in winter?

What flies for sea trout fishing in winter? Winter is the period of the year when we can successfully catch sea trout from the Baltic coast. We have two basic fishing methods here, i.e. spinning and fly fishing, and often kilometers along the coast to travel.
The Polish coast is significantly different from the Danish, German or Swedish coast, where there are many, many more good places. They simply have more stones and underwater vegetation, there is food there are sea trout.

Which fly patterns should you choose for sea trout?

They are most popular in cold water, fishing fly patterns with orange and pink accents, or entirely tied in these colors..

First of all, the classic Polar Magnus fly - an extremely universal Scandinavian fly that you simply must have in your box. In all kinds of rankings the Polar Magnus is almost always in the Top 3 flies for winter.

Shrimp imitation are another patterns that sea trout love throughout the season. You shouldn't be afraid of colors, sharp colors such as pink, orange or even white are very effective in cold water. It is often these colors that catch sea trout, these unnatural, sharp fluorescent colors.

When it comes to more natural patterns of fishing flies, it is always worth having fish imitations or shrimps in more natural colors.

Krystian Niemy