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New fly tying materials from Sybai and Fasna. Hooks with tungsten beads for soft baits

We have just finished updating the offer of the Czech brand Sybai. We have the latest fly tying materials, mainly TearDrop eyes (9 colors, 6 sizes in each), two series of dubbings for pike flies and more.

Additionally, long shiny Sparkle Supreme Hair and a Perdigon tinsel for nymph patterns.

Fasna is a new brand in our store, you asked about it, so we have it. Here, it is worth paying attention to specialized chenille for tying stillwater trout flies (blobs, FABs or booby).

We also have worm chenille for worm nymphs, which can be used in competitions, and always good for many nymph patterns, high-quality squirrel dubbings.

For spinning tackle anglers, we have introduced a new section - hooks with tungsten beads for soft baits. This type of hooks is common among trout area and UL fans, but others who fish very lightly with small ones will also be happy with this option.

The offer includes ready-made hooks with beads and cheaper sets of hooks and beads to make yourself.


Best regards

Krystian Niemy